Thursday, 17 May 2012

Sales Force Automation Experts Team up with Google

Sales force automation has joined forces with Google as web-based software transforms how customer management professionals work. 

Sales can be helped in many ways, from physical ads created by Sign Makers - to automated systems. Sales force automation taps into software that automates sales, order processing, sharing information and contact management as well as database inventory monitoring, analysis for sales, employee evaluations and order tracking. The automation of sales tasks is crucial for business to be time and cost effective and to safeguard customer service and customer satisfaction. So the news that and search engine giant Google have joined forces represents a significant step forward for customer management professionals.

Sales Force Automation: Get Web It

Clients of – who specialise in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software – can now use Google applications including Google Talk, Calendar, Gmail and Google Apps. The Google applications have been integrated with the sales force automation software to allow customer management professionals to manage workload online. This step could transform how, when and where customer management professionals work. The sales force automation processes can now incorporate customer data and communications, such as email messages or instant messaging sessions, storing this information on the internet. This provides instant back up and a centralising of customer details and information.

Web Based Software: Google and Sales Force Automation

The role of the internet in how we live and work has been phenomenal and the use of hosted, web-based software has grown spectacularly. The easy access to the internet means effective sales force automation is possible without costly or time consuming software systems and upgrades. Staff can access sales force automation systems through any browser, from any location, freeing up how, where and when staff work. act as the host for clients helping ease of use as they can fix problems through the server rather than individual computers. The only flaw is if the internet connection fails, the software is not accessed.

A Salesforce to be Reckoned with are a market leader in CRM and sales force automation software. Although Salesforce has integrated its Sales force automation systems with Microsoft Office and Outlook, this is the first time it can offer customer database applications online thanks to the Google arrangement. Since entering the CRM and sales force automation market, Salesforce has proved to be a leading competitor to the software giant, Siebel. In the late 90s, Siebel only offered software as a client/server model; Salesforce forced other software providers to redevelop software to run through a browser.

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