Friday, 4 May 2012

Making Your Business Fly

Great ideas often need a great deal of money to make them fly, but if aviation isn't your strong point, let the wings of eager business angels carry your product/service to new heights. 

If you need business funding but don't want to put your house on the line with a re-mortgage then business angels could be your saving grace.  Business angels are waiting to meet budding new entrepreneurs with superb business ideas.  Selling your business at is a great way to raise the money for your new venture that may be more profitable.

Selling your business at

So if you want the financial feathers to help your idea hit the clouds then you need an angel with an open mind and an open wallet.  But business angels don't just throw their money around willy nilly – they want business acumen, creative ideas, viable business plans and feasible projections for the future. 

A 'business angel', or an 'angel investor' is a term used to describe affluent individuals who provide capital for new, start-up businesses for exchange of ownership equity.  Angels typically invest their own funds, unlike venture capitalists who manage the pooled money of others in a professionally managed fund.  Business angels are often individuals, but can sometimes be a trust or a business. 

The of the Business World

So where do you find these business angels?  Business angels are like lonely hearts – they are looking for an idea they can love and nurture, but they just haven't found it yet.  You're looking for someone to take care of your idea and offer you stability in the long-run.  A match made in heaven?   Business angels can be found on several funding websites, where angels and entrepreneurs can submit profiles and arrange meetings.  But once an angel shows interest in your idea, the rose-tinted glasses need to come off – if you have the opportunity to pitch your idea, you need to be prepared for some tough questions. 

Tapping into the Investor Community

Today, there are many ways that you can pitch to your investors.  The internet has provided a useful platform for investment angel networks, business plan submissions, video pitching and video conferencing.  An increasing number of investors organise themselves into angel groups so that they can be found quickly and easily. 

The recent emergence of angel network groups means that business angels have the opportunity to raise additional capital and share equity with other investors. 

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