Friday, 6 July 2012

The Growth of the Parcel Delivery Service

The parcel delivery service industry has grown incredibly to meet the demands of online shopping with same day courier service from One Call and other organisations.

Shop floors emptied. Clearance banners infiltrated the high street. Shoppers were nowhere to be seen.  And the tumbleweed was almost audible. The 2008 recession left high streets with nothing more than an empty void, but online shopping increased dramatically with e-commerce sales more than doubling around that period. This is where the growth of the parcel delivery service began.
When e-commerce first came about, shoppers were happy to wait up to a week for deliveries. We were happy to pay high delivery charges for a quite frankly, slow service. But as e-shopping developed so did the consumer taste buds; we’d tasted the luxury of lazy online clicking and we wanted more. We wanted speed. We wanted discounts. And this is what we got in the end. A slow parcel delivery service was not going to cut it, so more and more parcel delivery service providers hit the market with impressive offerings.
The Era of the Parcel Delivery Service
When once there were only one or two parcel delivery service providers that came to mind, there were later many more that followed. Today, it’s easy to name several, enough to fill a hand of fingers, but is a large number of parcel delivery service providers enough for the e-consumer?
It doesn’t appear so.
A parcel delivery service doesn’t just need to be speedy, cost effective and reliable, but it also has to somehow predict when we are not at home – that’s right – the modern consumer wants flawless shopping from start to finish, and that includes solving the problem of missed deliveries. No matter how efficient and effective a parcel delivery service is, there still seems to be room for blunders. One of the biggest inconveniences that online shoppers are experiencing today is the problem of missed deliveries. Although some courier services are able to give you an estimated delivery timeframe, it’s often very frustrating for the shopper when they are not at home to receive their package.
So today, there is a modern solution that can ensure that shoppers never miss a delivery ever again. E-commerce has proved so far that it is utterly recession-proof so it looks as though the cloud of luxury goods, gifts, clothing, designer glasses, groceries and other products will remain. The solution to missed deliveries is a locker bank system devised by ByBox.